make an impact: subsidize to save lives

SOS Medicine Wheel are proud to work with generous corporations. Support from the business community helps us achieve our mission of providing better access to services and resources that can improve people’s welfare.

Create effective Social Impact Strategy by covering the cost of service for one or more nonprofit/charitable/goodwill agency. This subsidy allows a nonprofit to provide yearly access to users in need.

As an Impact Sponsor, you are supporting a network of nonprofit/charitable/goodwill agencies. Your contribution saves and improves lives across multiple communities all over the country.  You can choose to sponsor one particular nonprofit agency or multiple agencies.

You are also provided monthly metrics (Impact & Access reports) on your impact. 

Plus, your sponsorship includes monthly awareness campaigns, where we share your involvement to the community, engaging them with information about the impact of your sponsorship.

There are advantages to corporate giving:

  • More people are supporting businesses that have visible community involvement and social awareness. 
  • A company that has a strong corporate social responsibility strategy attracts the best and brightest talent
  • Involvement with a nonprofit organization, charitable institutions or goodwill agencies encourages staff participation in supporting social causes, which boosts morale and creates strong branding impact.

Join our mission to save lives for as little as $1 dollar per day!

To find out more about sponsorship and subsidy opportunities, contact Steve at