Tom Jackson’s Medicine Wheel and SOS team up to SAVE LIVES

Two Alberta-based agents of change have partnered to bring social services and support resources closer to people-in-need across Canada.

CALGARY, November 2018 – With over 170,000 charitable and nonprofit organizations in Canada, Philanthropist Tom Jackson joins System of Support (SOS) on a mission to unify access for people in a time of need.

SOS Medicine Wheel is a partnership between Tom Jackson and WeEmploy’s (WE’s) SOS that delivers one central access point for social services in Alberta and across Canada.


We offer Canadians easy real-time access to resources of support and social service. SOS Medicine Wheel is a sustainable path for agencies to connect individual needs and reach out to a broader community—expanding their capacity to help with marginal effort.


  • Expand our existing network of non-profit and social service agencies
  • Provide Business with new avenue to invest/measure ROI (return on impact)
  • Streamline access to services for individuals
  • Create efficient distribution of economic resources

The partnership builds a digital database of support, making sure more people have comprehensive access to social services that can help improve their lives. The network of services includes housing, counselling, domestic violence, addiction, health & wellness, crisis management, employment resources and much more.


As a division of WE, SOS provides people-in-need with immediate ACCESS to services. Agencies can sign up quickly, build an online digital profile and increase their reach to the community-in-need.

Our sustainability model includes a Path to Employment service for SOS Medicine Wheel clients. This includes employment training, recruitment, industry engagement, resume creation, interviews, education/up-skilling, networking, volunteer, and paid opportunities.


The partnership also covers WE’s Hire Indigenous division, which offers industry and government engagement, employment training, coaching, employment technology and recruitment specifically for First Nations communities and related stakeholders.

Steve Mix, SOS Founder

Collaboration is already central to our work at SOS. Aligning our services with Medicine Wheel reinforces our commitment to bringing social services closer to those who most need them,” said Steve Mix, Founder of SOS, a division of WeEmploy Inc. (WE).  

Steve has over a decade of experience in Project Management, Logistics, Staffing & Recruitment, Sales & Marketing, Leadership Training, and Business Development.

Medicine Wheel is an outreach division led by Tom Jackson. It continues his philanthropic work and adds Downtown Outreach Addictions Partnership (DOAP) to the partnership. SOS provides the technological infrastructure for Medicine Wheel, consolidating both agencies under one network.

“From managing crisis to managing continuous care, we can better serve the community when we all work in harmony. Our collaboration amplifies our capacity to help on a larger scale and gives clients more avenues for assistance,” says Tom Jackson, global philanthropist, founder, Medicine Wheel.

For over 40 years, Tom has been dedicated to championing the marginalized and spreading compassion and care across the country.

The collaboration means sharing of resources, best practices, innovative technology, community access, and Intellectual Property, with the goal of connecting need with service.

“We’re creating a new way for economic and social development to align, offering companies a measurable way to invest in social change to save lives,” said Sid Mark, SOS Founder. 

Sid Mark, SOS Founder

Sid brings three decades of experiences in financial services, sales, management and recruitment. 


Businesses can actively engage SOS and Medicine Wheel through a number of ways, including Impact Sponsorship. They can support one or more nonprofit organizations by covering their cost of service.

If your organization would like to inquire about listing on, please click: ACCESS SAVES LIVES.

If your organization would like to inquire about becoming an Impact Sponsor, please click: IMPACT SPONSOR.

SOS is a powerful digital platform that centralizes the vast network of social services and resources into one intuitive and secure platform. It provides measures of success in supporting those in need through Return on Impact metrics. SOS offers to our community other impact services including support for cause marketing, fundraising, project development, volunteer recruitment and other operational resources.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact:

Precious de Leon, Community Engagement Coordinator, WeEmploy Inc.


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